• Biography

  • Joe Roessler is a pianist, composer, and educator from Boulder, CO with over 10 years of experience in music. Roessler is a multi-disciplinary musician who’s composition and performance includes jazz, rock, musical theater, opera, classical, sacred, and electronic styles. Roessler has coached and produced many artists throughout the United States and Europe. He worked with EKG, Sylence, Skyvo, ARTime, Ginza, and others. He currently accompanies and coaches students at Denver School of the Arts and Kunsmiller Creative Academy.

    Roessler earned his Bachelors of English Literature magna cum laude from the University of Colorado Denver in May 2019. His undergraduate honors thesis described contemporary misconceptions about the Gnostics. Roessler’s academic work reflects a multi-disciplinary approach to academic issues; he uses this method in his music, too.